Commercial Solar Energy Benefits Are Taking The US By Storm

The secret has gone viral! Solar energy adoption has been a huge success in the residential sector. But thanks to a dramatic drop in the costs of solar energy, commercial solar power has become an increasingly attractive choice for companies across the globe. Both small and big business are rapidly turning to solar to lower operation costs and spruce up profit margins.

Of course, there are plenty more benefits businesses stand to gain from embracing solar. Here are 5 compelling ones:

1) Going Solar Comes with Huge Social Benefits

Going solar can do wonders for your business from a PR perspective. Commitment to environmental protection and fight against climate change is something you and your business can take great pride in. More importantly, “going green” aspect of adopting commercial solar energy can go a long way to earn your business social stamp of approval and trust from partners, employees, customers, vendors, and even shareholders. Remember we are all in this together, and it helps if your business is at the forefront.

You can use your solar energy project to reinvigorate your business image, connect with customers on a more personal level, and establish yourself as the authority when it comes to solar matters, all of which can have massive potential for corporate branding.

2) Enjoy Financial Benefits

As the costs of solar energy keep falling, businesses will continue to rip big from commercial solar systems. Sure, there’s an upfront cost which you’ll either pay in cash or finance, but it’ll return plenty of benefits in terms of ROI. For starters, solar panels can last for a very long time and require little or no maintenance. As such, commercial solar energy is a long-term investment in which you can recoup your money almost immediately.

3) Incentives, Incentives, Incentives

Apart from direct financial benefits, businesses that decide to go solar can enjoy a wide range of incentives from federal and state governments. With high-value incentives like 30% federal tax break, this can drastically water down the initial costs of installing solar.

4) Solar Makes Commercial Sense When Compared to Conventional Sources of Energy

When you look at the cost per unit energy, solar energy is far much cheaper than traditional energy sources like petroleum products and coal. Another big attraction of solar is its immunity to volatility. Oil, coal and even electricity prices are often unpredictable, exposing businesses to external liabilities. With solar energy, that’s a thing of the past.

5) Environmental Benefits

Social and corporate responsibility aside, solar energy is one of the greenest sources of clean, renewable power. One word: environmentally-friendly!

When all’s said and done, embracing commercial solar energy is an out-and-out wise decision which can help businesses become more energy independent.

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