Calculate How Many Solar Panels Will Fit On Your Roof

A frequently asked question by customers is, how much solar can fit on the roof size available? Answering this question used to require a lot of work; measuring, building a computer model and combining design with shade analysis.  This process would take days before knowing how large the system would be and its energy output.


After years of research, testing and refinement, answering this question doesn’t take days anymore – we’re talking in hours.  We can now take advantage of technologies such as satellite imagery, solar-specific 3D modeling, and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data.  These technologies allow us to input your address and produce various scenarios, different designs with different products in mere minutes.  Using current tech, we can obtain several photographs over a long period of time of your rooftop space. These pictures are frequently vivid enough to pinpoint rooftop drainage, HVAC hardware, and areas of potential rooftop issues from pooling water. The captured imagery is input to solar design programs such as Aurora or Helioscope to create a mock-up of your building or site. This is combined with LIDAR data in Google Maps, obstructions, and shade issues on the roof can be collected to produce a quality assessment of potential energy output of your site.

During the initial consultation, your solar power needs and wants are determined, based on this information a system is designed to satisfy your goals for the best value.  For example, let’s say you have a large area on your roof but lower usage needs a less efficient panel may be the answer whereas another customer has a small roof, but is looking for a substantial solar power output – this may entail a more efficient panel for a marginally higher cost.  We aim to provide the best possible solutions given the roof available, and the power needs of the customer.


Based on the design created, specific to your solar power objectives, a solar cost-benefit analysis can be prepared to demonstrate how long your initial investment is covered and when the savings really start to kick in.  The positive and the negatives of several design options can be prepared, combining both the look and you require and your budget.  Once you’ve made you’ve chosen your ideal design, our installation professionals will start assessing the area and ensure the design is implemented according to plan from beginning to end.
Using the technology available to us today, we are able to save you time and money and in the end, provide you with an efficient and cost-effective solar power system that saves you a great deal on electricity costs.  Contact us today, and let’s get going on designing and building you the renewable energy system you need and want.

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